The right accessories

Our comprehensive range includes the right accessories for every application.

For the ideal complete solution: accessories designed to suit the application

We have a wide range of accessories available so we can offer you the best possible overall solution. Our range includes reel equipment for backpack or vehicle-mounted systems, routing aids and fixing materials, and measurement and repair kits.

To suit your particular requirements and individual needs, Solifos develops and produces complete solutions with field cables and the corresponding accessories. 

Material for cable routing

For temporary use: fixing materials, cable bridges, manual cable drums, mobile cable drums, reels with backpack or vehicle stand and motorised drums all assist with temporary routing.

Upkeep tools and devices

Maintenance materials such as repair kits with splicing units and the appropriate maintenance, testing and measuring equipment round out our comprehensive rage of accessories.

Consulting and practical support

Combining the high-quality accessories, tailored to suit the field cables being used, with the professional consulting offered by our specialists produces the best possible solution for you.

Training in routing

Via Solifos Advanced Training we offer customised training sessions in installing and routing field cables and cable accessories. If required, we can also provide these training sessions directly on-site at your premises.