Cable types for fiber optic sensing systems

To measure physical parameters: distributed sensor technology in all areas of application.

Coordinated with your area of application: cable types for fiber optic sensing systems

Fiber optic sensor technology lets you monitor long structures and buildings without interruption and with no need for maintenance.

You can measure temperatures between -180°C and 700°C, e.g. for natural gas storage facilities, monitoring heating in high-voltage cables under load, fire detection in tunnels, detecting and locating leaks in pipelines, or determining structural strength of dams or bridges; or identify and locate intrusion by unauthorised persons in a protected area. The range of applications is virtually unlimited.

Cables for distributed fiber optic sensor technology are designed and manufactured to suit your intended use and application. Key factors are the location and nature of the application, cable assembly and environmental parameters such as temperature range, mechanical load, water and dust, chemical substances, ionising radiation and hydrostatic pressure.