Areas of application for fiber optic data cables

For communications and data transmission: types of fiber optic data cables for many applications.

Coordinated with your area of application: Fiber optic cable portfolio

You define the requirements and we will provide the right cable from our range. As a specialist in sophisticated cable solutions, Solifos has professional skills that are unique to the market in the area of telecommunications and data transmission.

Fiber optic data cables are used mainly in the FTTx area and in WAN/LAN networks. Depending on the application, we can offer non-metallic or metal-jacketed fiber optic cables to cope with extraordinary mechanical loading. Our deliverables include cables for indoor and outdoor installation, buried or overhead, permanent or temporary, with the associated accessories and services.

High quality and ease of handling

Cable designs meet our high standards and stand out on their ease of installation and fiber flexibility. The sturdiness of our solutions and high fiber quality installation problems and enables simple air-blown installation in micro-tubes.

Perfect for demanding environmental conditions

Our range includes metallic and non-metallic fiber optic cables for indoor and outdoor use. Metallic fiber optic cables are used in difficult environments, where special mechanical properties are required such as in outdoor areas, in sewage systems or to prevent rodent damage. 

Permanent installation

Permanently installed fiber optic cables may be found in conduits, riser zones, pipes, overhead lines, bodies of water or sewerage systems.

Temporary installation

Temporary fiber optic cables can be used in open ground, in forests, water, populated areas, basically anywhere. Unlike permanent cables, temporary cables are de-installed after use. Cables are rolled up again to be installed on another occasion, either in the same place or somewhere else. This places higher demands on robustness, the connection systems used and installation accessories.

Service, consulting and training

Our team of qualified specialists is ready to help you select the right products and answer questions on your application about design, installation and commissioning. We regularly deliver client training on the selection and operation of fiber optic systems.