Areas of application for tactical fiber optic field cables

Fiber optic cable solutions for state-of-the-art data networks, whether permanent or temporary installations – system solutions and services from Solifos put to work to ensure robust communication.

Coordinated with your area of application: tactical fiber optic cables

Information and monitoring systems are subject to maximum demands in terms of mobility, reliability and robustness in the military and security areas.

For defence, security, civil defence and  the fire brigade, Solifos offers state-of-the-art, mobile cable systems and the associated terminals, with an emphasis on maximum performance and robustness while keeping size and weight low, along with ease of handling, low upkeep costs and efficient logistics. Tactical fiber optic field cables, assembled using a wide range of military plug types, are a specialty of Solifos.

Solifos with skills and experience

Our solutions are used on a daily basis by the military forces in Europe and elsewhere around the globe. Our extensive accessories for laying cables in the field, testing, upkeep and repair kits, all proven in practice, will cope with the most challenging demands at any time. Our specialist skills come to the fore in the areas of design and system integration to meet individual customer requirements. 

Cable range

Our portfolio comprises fiber optic and copper cables, as well as connecting cables for data and power transmission.  They are highly robust and have proven themselves in use under tough field conditions, together with the corresponding accessories. What distinguishes Solifos is its advanced professional skill in cable design, its extensive experience in deployment and routing technology on-site, along with the associated services.

System integration

Even COTS equipment can be integrated into rugged casings to ensure the sturdiness of networked systems in a tactical environment. The result is superior-quality, end-to-end solutions for fiber optic-based transmission and data distribution.

Data and electricity combined in a single cable

Hybrid cable solutions are a speciality of Solifos. Functions such as data and power transmission are combined in a single cable. If necessary, sensor technology applications can also be incorporated. The 6 mm hybrid field cable can transmit up to 24 kW. One impressive aspect is that this 6 mm field cable can reliably carry 2 kW of power over a distance of up to five kilometres.

Perimeter monitoring using distributed fiber optic sensor technology

In critical and challenging environments, too, we can generate authoritative real-time measurement results over the entire length of the cable. Uninterrupted monitoring in this way means security for you. If required, we can supply fiber optic acoustic sensor solutions with plug connections, loop housings or other terminations.

Our team of specialists is always available to help you to select the right products and advise on installation, commissioning and final acceptance. Talk to us.

Flexible, robust, temporary field cable types

Fiber optic cables assembled with plug connections

Hybrid cable solutions to provide simultaneous data and power transmission

Acoustic sensor cables to secure critical infrastructure or boundaries

Intrusion detection