Areas of application for hybrid cables

For power and data transmission: types of fiber optic hybrid cable for diverse applications.

Tailored to your area of application: fiber optic hybrid cables

You define the requirements, and we will provide the right cable from our range. As a specialist in sophisticated cable solutions, Solifos has professional skills that are unique to the market in the areas of telecommunications and data transmission and power cables. Our fiber optic hybrid cable solutions are born from both of these core competencies.

High quality and ease of handling

Cable designs meet our high standards and stand out on account of their ease of installation and fiber flexibility. 

Additional functions

Our portfolio includes hybrid cable solutions that deliver many different functions simultaneously, with variations of fiber optic fibers and copper wires in a single cable.

Keeping implementation as simple as possible

Cable design can incorporate loose tubes for example. An easy solution is enabled if individual plastic tubes can be replaced by insulated copper wires. For application-specific FO-CU hybrid cables, the design may be more complex.

Designed for demanding environmental conditions

Hybrid cables are often used where special mechanical properties are required and in difficult environmental conditions like outdoor areas. We also offer hybrid solutions that are used in overhead routing systems.

Dimensioning the copper wires

Specific power sources are often needed for power transmission. Dimensioning is based on a combination of the maximum electric power needed at the remote end, the maximum transmission distance, the input voltage of the power source, and the output voltage for consumers. Specific current and voltage transformers can be used to improve the power transmission and adapt the solution to the source and consumer voltage. Solifos can offer integrated solutions in this area also.


Hybrid cables can be supplied for voltages of up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC, and permit the transmission of up to 24 kW of power via a hybrid cable (1500 V DC/16 A) with a diameter of only 6 mm. Thanks to the fiber optic channels, the maximum data rate is practically unlimited, even with just four fibers (currently 1.40 Gb/s in practice, and theoretically up to 15 Tb/s per fiber). Hybrid cables are also often used to connect devices spaced far apart in undeveloped regions. Power of 2 kW can be transmitted up to 5 km using a 6 mm cable in such situations.

Permanent Installation

Permanently installed hybrid cables are often used in conduits, riser zones, pipes, overhead lines, bodies of water or sewage systems.

Temporary installation

Temporary hybrid cables can be used in open ground, in forests, water, populated areas, practically anywhere. Unlike permanent cables, temporary cables are rolled up after use to be re-installed on another occasion. This places additional demands on robustness, the connection systems used and installation accessories.

Service, consulting and training

Our team of specialists is available to help with product selection and answer questions on installation and commissioning. We also conduct standard and customer-specific trainings both at our facilities and on-site if needed.