Areas of application for fiber optic sensing cable systems

Fiber optic sensing cable systems from our sophisticated, industry-specific range of cables for all areas of application.

Coordinated with your area of application: fiber optic sensing cable systems

Fiber optic sensing cable systems are used in infrastructure to detect fire and prevent damage. Isolated overheating and local fires are located to within the metre and timely alarms prevent more extensive damage.

The products and services from Solifos substantially improve safety and efficiency in the operation of infrastructure and facilities.

Operating principle

  • Temperature measurement distributed over the entire length of the sensor cable
  • Detecting and locating overheating or fire on-site
  • Zone alarm when a temperature limit is exceeded

Examples of application

Trains and platforms at underground stops, vehicles in parking buildings, buses in underground terminuses or at stops, aeroplanes in hangars, mining tunnels, single or multi-lane road tunnels, disc brakes and engine/motor blocks in underground rail systems, lift shafts, industrial facilities, transformers

Cable types

Fire detection uses cable designs that can survive for extended periods in a very hot environment and are made of materials that will not cause fire to spread or generate poisonous fumes. The cables (with FRNC sheathing material) must pass special IEC fire tests.

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