Efficiency and safety: types of fiber optic sensic cable systems

The industry includes a wide range of applications in which fiber optic sensing cable systems reliably and accurately measure key data to improve performance or optimise processes.

Coordinated with your area of application: fiber optic sensing cable systems

Fiber optic sensing cable systems are used in different ways in the industry. For example, for process control, process optimising or temperature monitoring. Potential areas of application are the metal industry, chemical industry, mines, coal-fired power station or cool stores. Products and services from Solifos go a long way to encourage safety and efficiency in plant and factory operation.

Examples of application


Temperature monitoring on conveyor belts

Fire monitoring in caverns with special fire sensor cables

Temperature monitoring for chemical processes

Structural monitoring using expansion sensor cables

Earth movement detection using expansion sensor cables

Steel industry

Process monitoring in furnaces using temperature sensor cables

Fire monitoring using special fire sensor cables

Research and development

Nuclear repositories

Temperature measurement to check heat changes in radioactive waste

Humidity measurement to check the tightness of a structure

Expansion measurement to monitor structural integrity

Acoustic signals to detect events and for perimeter monitoring

Food industry

Temperature monitoring in cool stores

Chemical industry

Monitoring of chemical processes via temperature and chemical reactions in the fibers

Monitoring leaks, e.g. in pipes and tanks

Structural monitoring of reactors

Perimeter monitoring

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