Areas of application for fiber optic sensing cable systems

To measure various physical parameters: sensor technology and connecting cables from our sophisticated, industry-specific range of cables for different areas of application.

Coordinated with your area of application: fiber optic sensing cable systems in public transport

Rail and road transport safety demands continuous monitoring. The method of choice usually involves sensors combined with powerful data recording systems. For decades, Solifos has been developing and manufacturing fiber optic sensing cable systems and data cables  to monitor traffic and building structures. 

Fiber optic networks provide a combined, integrated optical communications infrastructure for complex systems like traffic control units with safety and building monitoring functions. They are cost-efficient and flexible to use, and run along transport routes such as motorways, railway lines, tunnels, bridges and parking buildings.

Fiber optic sensing cable systems do not react to electromagnetic radiation. That means they lend themselves to monitoring rail systems and also electric motors and brakes. They are also incorporated in overhead lines and current collectors.

Fiber optic acoustic sensor cables can monitor closed zones such as airports, rail yards, construction sites or railway lines, and identify and locate intruders.

Sensing cable systems incorporated in road surfaces can record every vehicle movement and the size of vehicles, while also providing information about the quality of the road surface.

Fiber optic acoustic sensor cables can monitor traffic and infrastructure such as roads and rails over their entire length, and supply a wealth of information based on the sounds detected and their location. This means dangerous situations caused by damage to vehicles or the infrastructure, and also human error, can be identified at an early stage, allowing the appropriate measures to be taken.

Cables in cable railway systems can be permanently monitored using integrated fiber optic sensor technology, to identify faults at an early stage and ensure intact cables are used throughout the effective service life of the system. This is possible because every load status can be recorded throughout this entire period. The result is a saving of costs in addition to improved safety.


Cable types

There are applications for all types of fiber optic sensor cable in the area of public transport.

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