The right accessories

The right accessories for every application.

For the ideal complete solution: accessories designed to suit the application

A comprehensive, complete solution needs accessories for routing, fixing, termination, checking and repairs to the sensing cable system. The accessories are adapted to suit the wide range of applications and environmental conditions involved.

High-quality, customer-specific range of accessories:

  • For fixed assembly situations: drums, cable pulls, cable winches and fixing materials for all kinds of structures and materials
  • For temporary use: fixing materials, manual cable drums, mobile cable drums, reels with backpack or vehicle stand and motorised drums
  • Casings and devices for branching and  termination, e.g. using splices, plugboards or loops
  • Tools such as splicing and repair kits, and the right maintenance and measuring equipment

Besides annual practical training sessions on how to use our sensing cable systems and accessories, Solifos Advanced Training also offers customised further training activities for our customers. If required, we can also provide these training sessions directly on-site at your premises.