Public transport

Rail and road transport safety demands continuous monitoring. The method of choice usually involves sensors combined with powerful data recording systems. For decades, Solifos has been developing and manufacturing fiber optic sensing cable systems and data cables to monitor traffic and building structures.

In the service of safety: fiber optic solutions in public transport

Complex safety systems demand partners that are constantly developing. Solifos therefore offers innovative cable sensor system and data cable solutions with impressive, future-oriented concepts and maximum reliability. In addition to excellent product quality, we also rely on innovative services and offer you both a broad range of sophisticated, industry-specific standard cables and customer-specific developments. A select range of accessories make our products and services the complete solution.

Fiber optic networks provide a combined, integrated optical communications infrastructure for complex systems like traffic control units with safety and building monitoring functions. They are cost-efficient and flexible to use, and run along transport routes such as motorways, railway lines, tunnels, bridges and parking buildings. The fiber optic acoustic sensor technology also controls closed zones such as airports, rail yards, construction sites or railway lines.