Customized cable assemblies

No matter how demanding your requirements are, we offer the best possible solution for hybrid cable assembly and professional fitting of all standard plugs.

Customer-specific solutions: customized cable assemblies

Special requirements call for special solutions. We work with you to develop customer-specific and pre-assembled fiber optic cable solutions. You’ll be impressed by the services we offer.

Our specialist unit assembles current fiber optic plugs to meet high quality standards. Pre-assembled cables (“Fiber-Quick”) or patch cables can be made to the desired length.

All terminations for fiber optic cables, such as Fiber-Quick, patch cables and plug assemblies, are made by our specialized assembly operation. Not only do we use most standard fiber optic cables for indoor and outdoor use, but also work with leading suppliers around the world. We can provide the required cable assemblies at any time thanks to flexible automated systems, optimized processes and specialist expertise.